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Electrotechnical components

Since 1954 we take care of newbuilt and renovation projects. This concerns total electrical systems for vessels e.g. dredgers, tankers, workpontoons, crane vessels and pontons, lift platforms, tugs, passenger vessles, inland and seagoing vessels as well as luxury yachts.

We have a team of highliy motivated young people interested in your maritime world. This  staan garantees a  perfect execution of you electrical requirments on board.

Not only cables but a complete package of electrical systems can be enigneered delivered and installed by us. With our own engineering, switchbboard building departments under a single roof as well as short lines of communication and versatile engineers, we can take care of your needs with high flexibility.

Last but not least we can help you out with advise and delivery of all kinds of electrical components,

Verhoef EMC

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